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Bertrand Lilbert 223 Rue du Moutier 51530 Cramant Email : Mobile : +33 (0)6 21 10 45 54 Phone : +33 (0)3 26 57 50 16
Pictogramme de Passion Chardonnay

Why a PASSION? : because we develop a product from A to Z, from planting to the finished product, because our jobs change every day, and especially because we have to adapt to nature because it is in charge: the years follow each other but are not alike. Because we have to be constantly striving for commitment, to satisfy our customers more and more, and last but not least because it allows us to continue, as best as possible, a history of several generations: to feel like the only link in the chain hoping to pass on the experience gained by previous generations is a great motivation, a beautiful passion.

We are lucky to be located in CRAMANT (which means CHALK HILL), where the chalk is flush, bringing the essential characteristics to our chardonnays: minerality, salinity, etc. .... Thanks to this chalk hill, our plots have all types of exposure. This enriches our palette of wines perfectly (which is necessary for blending): not being able to blend the grape varieties, we blend from different exposures. We try to surpass our CHARDONNAY, a rare and highly sought-after variety because it gives an elegant wine, bringing finesse, liveliness and lightness to our classic aperitif champagnes.

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