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Karine et Richard Fouquet 99 Rue de la Garenne 51530 Cramant Email : Phone : +33 (0)3 26 57 54 08
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It's curiosity that drives me more than passion. In particular geological history; be it the Côte des Blancs but also Champagne. It is through understanding the soils and their exposure that I have been able to take stock of this exceptional white terroir on which my vines have taken root.

I am carefully advancing without rushing; I like doing things simply and like trying to understand everything. Twenty years of vinification have allowed me to experiment. You can’t create quality, it is all in the grape, we only preserve it. The terroir requires a lot of attention and delicacy. You have to do as little as possible to it to bring out its best.

I am looking for balance and potential. I am waiting for the terroir to take precedence over the grape variety. This is what I like in Chardonnay, it totally resonates with this chalky terroir.

Richard Fouquet 
Champagne Guiborat

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