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Champagne Bonnet Gilmert


Aude Vauban-Menuel 10 Bis Rue de la Côte 51190 Oger Email : Mobile : +33 (0)6 22 68 13 63
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What impassions me in my job

My job is not really a job, it's a Passion, a way of life. For me, being a winemaker means conveying the story of my family, the know-how, rigor and love for our terroir.

I sometimes say that this passion is a bit like having a 3rd child. At the same time demanding and capricious, it surprises me, brings me great pride and makes me question myself !

A unique terroir

The terroir of our house is concentrated only on the Côte des Blancs. Our vineyard just works with the Chardonnay grape variety. We have a chalky subsoil that gives our wines an inimitable minerality and typicality.

What Chardonnay represents for me

Chardonnay is the grape variety that introduced me to tasting. It is the one which can stand alone, that at each stage of its ageing reveals such different aromas, but always remains extremely elegant! From vine to wine, our goal is to showcase this grape variety, to enhance its typicality depending on our plots. We are committed to ensuring that our wines reflect our passion, our terroir and our family for you to enjoy during the tasting.

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