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Champagne Jean Velut


Benoit Velut 9 Rue du Moulin 10300 Montgueux Email : Phone : +33 (0)3 25 74 83 31
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Reveal, Respect, Share


Having discovered a terroir still buried under the wasteland, a generation of new winemakers climbed the gentle slopes of Montgueux 60 years ago. They patiently cut back, cleaned up, planted and cared for this new terroir, so that it could see the light of day. Among those few relentless dreamers, Jean Velut and his wife, who began and developed the nascent fledgling notoriety of Montgueux.
Denis, and recently his son Benoit, now have the task of revealing this literally unique terroir to you.


Without denying the comfort brought on by new knowledge and new technology, we strive instead to challenge them by constantly confronting them with the sensitivity of a "common sense peasant", and why not with a certain artistic sensitivity. Respect for the environment in which our vines flourish is a daily concern for us.


Throughout the year, a father-son tandem of passionate winemakers and a skilled team work so that a few privileged people can exchange and share over our vintages. We put all our passion into providing a Champagne that encourages dialogue, energizes humanity, sharpens sensitivity and suggests emotion.

Benoit and Denis

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