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Champagne Bolieu


Laurence et Charles Baffard 40 Rue de Vavray 51300 Bassuet Email : Mobile : +33 (0)3 26 72 31 39 Phone : +33 (0)6 64 72 74 34
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Being a winemaker! For us, it is to challenge ourselves every day: Working with this "living matter" requires a lot of attention and patience. This grape that we guide, that we shape, continues to live, to react to how we care for it, and differently so each year.

It's so exciting, to see our wines express themselves across the terroir of Bassuet, with its genuine "Chalk Soil" on the Vitryat slopes. A unique terroir, with chalk that has inlays of clay particles. They bring a such a special typicality to our Chardonnay wines.

This Chardonnay, so unrelenting in how it expresses itself: it leaves no room for guesswork, to reveal itself it needs rigor in its development, long years to settle and after so much work, it then gives us a symphony of taste: straight, pure, finally opening up as longer and longer seconds go by...

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